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Knowledge Test #1


1• What is huancaina Sauce – peruvian cheese sauce

is it spicy? yes, it has spicy yellow peppers

2• How many tacos come in the Tuna Tacos- 2 tacos

3• How many tacos in the shrimp tacos - 2

4• How many shrimp come in the Jumbo Shrimp- 4

5• What is chorizo? Spanish sausage

6• What are haricot verts? - green beans

7• How Spicy is the Serrano Guacamole?- very spicy, you could have it on the side

8• What are the Dusty Crumbs on top of the Tuna Tostada?, egg roll crumbs

9• What is Chimichurri?- Argentinean steak sauce made of olive oil, cilantro, shallots, lime juce, salt, pepper

10• Are the quesadillas spicy? Yes. You could have it with no peppers

11• Does Chimichurri have any gluten? no

12• Does Huancaina Have any gluten?yes

13• Are the shishito peppers spicy? Could be, they are called russian roulette peppers, but generally yes. spicy

14• Are the Chips gluten free? Yes but because of use of the fryer, not siliac safe 

15• How many enchiladas do you get in the lobster enchiladas? 2

16• How many sliders on the chicharron sliders? 3

17• Where is salmon from? alaska

18• What is Siliac Disease? A very common deadly allergy to gluten

19- I have siliac, recommed 3 appetizers and 2 entrees: No matter what has to be written down! ( with modifications they can have)all guacamole, octopus, shishito peppers, ceviche, lobster avocado, shrimp, lobster mac and cheese, tuna tacos, nachos, steak tacos, all salads but calamari, cali taco salad no shell

street corn, mushroom risotto, Salmon dinner, all paella, steak frites, lobster and shrimp enchiladas, fajitas

20- Im a vegan recommend 2 appetizers

shishito peppers, guacamole, peruvian artichokes(with no cheese)

21- how many tuna tacos do you get? Is it spicy? 2, Sriracha aioli has some spice to it

22- how many chicken tacos do you get? Does it have any cheese? 2, has cotija cheese

23- is the salsa verde spicy? yes

24- is the veggie paella vegan? yes

25- what cheeses do you have? Parmesian, queso fresco, monterrey jack cheese, gorgonzola,

26- im allergic to onions, can I have the veggie paella? No, the rice is cooked with onions

27- im allergic to onions, can I have the guacamole? no, its premade with onions

28- I have a lethal allergy to nuts can I have the empanadas? Yes. But always write all allergies

29- what vegetables come in the chicken paella? Green peppers, red peppers, onions,

30- I have a lethal allergy to nuts, what do you recommend? empanadas, guacamole, flautas, shishito peppers, ceviche, etc

31- what’s the most expensive tequila we have? Why is it so expensive, describe the flavor profile. Clase azul ultra (extra anejo) 325 2 oz, we also sell 1oz for 163, like all clase azul. very smooth, a lot of caramel notes from the barrel, very complex finish

32- is tequila gluten free? yes

33- is vodka gluten free? Some are, some are made with grains

34- do we have gluten free wine?no

35- do we have gluten free beer?no

36- can i have truffle fries on the steak sandwich? yes. you always ask for a choice of fries or salad on all sandwiches, and they can upgrade to truffle fries, veggies or rice and beans if they like

37• What kind of tortillas do you have on the tuna tacos? Hard corn tortilla shell

38• What kind of tortillas do you have on fajitas? Soft flour tortillas

39• Wheres the tuna from? hawaii

40• What kind of steak do you carry? Who is the butcher/brand? certified grass fed organic skirt steak steak and rib eye

41• What is Fernet Branca? A very herbal amaro

42• What amaros do you have? Nonino, aperol, campari, ,

43- what kind of beer is Maine Lunch, describe it? Its an IPA. New england style filtered

44- what kind of beers is the Boom Sauce? Describe it Double Ipa from Lord Hobo. Very well rounded, hazy citrousy

45- what is mezcal? An smoky spirit from the south of mexico

- 46 what mezcals do you have? mezcals are categorized by the agave its used to be made of, from espadin we have: 400 conejos, ojo de tigre, casamigos, dos homnbres, we also have wild agaves like : cupreata, arroqueno, tobala and cenizo, as well

47- what is a pechuga de pollo mezcal? it is a espadin mezcal in which, in the process of the cooking of the plants, chickens were hanged all over the agave for the flavor of the chicken to be impregnated on mezcal notes. it is a delicate process therefore a very expensive mezcal

47- what is your lightest beer on draft? Panga Drops Pilsner

48- what Ipa’s do you have by the bottles? Sip of sunshine in a pint can

49• What ryes do you have? Name 2. Redemption rye, , bulleit rye, mitchers rye, you will have a menu this week with all spirits for you to show


50• What single malt scotch do you have? Name 2

glenlivet,, macallan 12, mac 18, oban 16, glemoragie. Again a list will be available to you this week


51• What is the difference between and reposado and blanco tequila?

Aging time on a barrel. blanco touches no wood, reposado aged from 3-6 months


52• What is your sweetest red wine? Pinot noir is most fruit forward. (we do not have sweet wines)


53• What is your oakiest white wine? Sonoma Chardonnay


54• What lagers do you have? Corona, C light, Modelo, Cuzquena, coor light

55• What is Pisco? Peruvian grape spirit, very similar to an unoaked brandi

56• What is Cachaca? Brazilian sugar cane spirit similar to rum

57• What is Tequila ? Spirt made of blue webber agave (agave azul) made only in a specific region in the north of mexico


What is a Blanco Tequila

Blanco is the purest form of tequila. aka plata, silver, it can be aged up to two months in "typically oak barrels. but normally bottled right after distillation 


What is a Reposado Tequila? 

means "rested". it typically spends 2 months to a year in american oak barrels (most of them ex bourbon barrels) therefore catches oak notes of vanilla and caramel 


What is an Anejo Tequila

"aged" "old" 1-3 years in barrels. translating into amber color, smooth and complex mouthfeels of vanilla, caramel and dried fruits


What is an Extra Anejo Tequila

"extra Old" Minimum of 3 years in barrels, gets more intense notes of vanilla, caramel and baking spices. in aging a lot of tequila is "lost" (evaporated) therefore making it more expensive. Usually recomemded for sipper mostly



What is a Cristalino Tequila


it is a aged tequila charcoaled filtered to remove the naturally occuring colors and the oakier flavors from aging. it is a process meant to balance the crisp bright notes of a joven with the complexity and characted of an aged expression

What is a Joven Tequila

Mostly blanco blended with some aged tequila to customize the flavor wanted



58• What is chayote? Mexican vegetable close to zucchini

59• What is Chicken Tinga? Mexican Shredded chicken on a red sauce

60. How do you great a table? What is the first thing you say to them? Write it down

Good morning/ afternoon, my name is ….. I'm going to be your server tonight. Is it your first time here?


61. Can I please have an extra taco for the tuna tacos? yes

63. Can I please have the Skewers with sauces on the side? yes

64. Can I have an extra steak skewer?

65. Can I please have Fajita with no onions? No

66. Can I please have a fajita with no tortillas? Yes

67. Can I please have half chicken half steak on the fajitas? No. No half portions on proteins, but they could have steak and chicken

68, In Person """Describe Annabella Cabernet…. I want a bottle. Show me bottle service


its a Napa Valley Cabernet sauvignon, on the dryer side with a beautiful full bodied finish.

69. do we have ground beef? no

71. kind of tortillas in the chicken tacos? Soft or hard? Corn or flour?, corn, soft

73. what after dinner drinks can you make? Give me 3 examples

mexican coffee, irish coffee, carajillo, espresso martini (dark or creamy), amaretto sours

75. Do you have sambuca? Yes, white and black

76. Do you have any homemade hot sauce? Yes, serrano sauce, peruvian ahi and rocoto sauce

77. can you make a chicken taco with grilled chicken? Yes, just memo it in the computer

78. what are the brunch hours? Everyday brunch from 11:30am-3:30pm and Bottomless Saturdays and Sundays

79. what is the difference between Blunch and dinner menu? Sandwiches and brunch offered until 3pm

80. describe in a paragraph the type of cuisine we have


Simply put, We are a latin fusion restaurant. Our cuisine is an eclectic mix of flavors and ingredients from all latin america – and the world- .We are proud to feature organic produce, cage free chicken, grass fed meats, and wild caught seafood in all our food offerings as well as organic fresh fruit juices and premium ingredients in all our cocktails.

82. What non-alcoholic beer do you have? we have Thimble Island non-alcoholic IPA


Other Side Notes:

• You need to know how to open a bottle of wine fast

• You need to know how to clear tables

• You need to know how to do bottle service

• You need to know HOW TO TALK TO THE TABLE!!! Polite, always smiling, ready to answer any questions and care for any need!!!

• You need to know what wines we have and describe them without looking at a menu

• You need to be able to recommend at the very least 2 different tequilas, for every kind. Also have good knowledge of common cocktails, spirits


* confronting customers about a bad tip, bad review or complain to the manager its an automatic fire. Know your job! Ultimately your job its to please the customer, and he/she is always RIGHT. At any little sign of rudeness or confrontation you are to notify the manager!

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